Decorating Memories

The Story​

The culinary journey began in a home kitchen, where a love for cooking ignited a passion that would shape the future. Inspired by culinary wonders and fueled by years of research, the first branch of Decorating Memories opened in 2012. Dedication to excellence quickly propelled the café to success, with its delectable offerings and inviting atmosphere winning customers’ hearts.

Over the years, strong leadership and unwavering commitment to quality drove Decorating Memories to flourish in the café and restaurant industry. With each passing year, its reputation grew, fueled by word-of-mouth and a loyal customer base. Buoyed by this success, the operation boldly expanded, bringing creative cuisine to multiple locations.

Today, Decorating Memories stands as a testament to culinary vision. With its warm ambiance, delicious dishes, and attentive service, the café continues to delight patrons, offering an unforgettable dining experience. The commitment to excellence ensures Decorating Memories remains a cherished destination for food lovers everywhere.

Enjoy the best high quality

Our aim is to deliver a unique experience and food to our customers in Bahrian and across the Middle East. We take the time and effort to source the best products from around the world and mix them in away to present to you a world-class plate.

Our chocolates for example are chosen from the finest Cocoa beans from specific tropical lands in Colombia. Our nuts are flown specifically to us from America to be added to our dishes and deserts.

We have chosen earthy natural colors for our brand identity and our décor, which will add a touch of friendliness and a welcoming atmosphere that you would love to sit and spend time with us. Hence our wide customer base that travel specially from the GCC to try our menu and spend quality time with friends and loved ones at our restaurant.