About us

The Story​

It was a journey that started from no other but the home kitchen, with extreme love to cooking and experiments with homemade food, to traveling around the world to be inspired with renowned Michelin Star chefs, the idea was born in no other than Paris.

Inspired by the atmosphere in Paris, the love of food, the years worth of research and hard work and the love of people around Fatima that made her take the decision to open the first branch of Decorating Memories back in 2012locations.

Since then, the rest was history! Her new career in the café and restaurant industry flourished and took a hike up. We had a very successful 5 years since then and the word of mouth is spreading day by day.

We then took the decision to expand our operation with the leadership of Fatima and her passion to be carried out across multiple different


the concept

From the world wide love of Pastries and chocolate, the two sources of food that make you feel good and as we call them comfort food! We have built the concept to combine comfort food with creativity to serve unique, creative dishes all year round, which made our customers loyal and addictive to our recipes.

We have evolved the idea later to create a full in dine in menu as well as pastries and deserts. We have a wide range of catering serves to cater to our customers at the comfort of their homes.

Back to the initial inspiration Paris, wehave decorated the place to give you that feeling and experience of sitting in an 18th Century French café, the décor makes you travel in time and leaves its mark.

The name was then born, Decorating Memories! We do not just serve you food, we leave our memories both on your taste buds and in your mind with great memories that will make you come back asking for more.

Why are we different?

Our aim is to deliver a unique experience and food to our customers in Bahrian and across the Middle East. We take the time and effort to source the best products from around the world and mix them in away to present to you a world-class plate.

Our chocolates for example are chosen from the finest Cocoa beans from specific tropical lands in Colombia. Our nuts are flown specifically to us from America to be added to our dishes and deserts.

We have chosen earthy natural colors for our brand identity and our décor, which will add a touch of friendliness and a welcoming atmosphere that you would love to sit and spend time with us. Hence our wide customer base that travel specially from the GCC to try our menu and spend quality time with friends and loved ones at our restaurant.

Menu and Service

Our Menu compromises of a full dine-in menu made with love from the freshest ingredients, our addictive pastries menu, as well as our highly in demand customized cakes.

Our work does not stop at the store, but we cater to our customer’s needs for their private events and parties.

We do not stop here; we are continuously working on adding creative, new, and delicious items to our menu which makes our customers return to be surprised with a new addiction.

We strongly believe in food that is made with care and love, using the finest ingredients will always make your customers come back for more! We were proven right on our motto.

Staff Training

As our vision and brand identity is very strong, we have taken extra care in communicating this message across to our team members to bring out the full experience in its best way.

We have a full team of front of house customer service team, that is led by a well-experienced manager, that work day and night on giving that welcoming feel to our customers. We have supervisors, a Captain waiter, Bartender, and housekeeping staff. As we believe service is key alongside the great food to keep you coming back.

Our back of operations (kitchen) is led by our well-experienced head chef, alongside him there are full teams from Sous chefs, Chef De Parties and Commis, to ensure the standard and quality never be sacrificed. We did not stop at this, have then ensured the whole operation is overseen by our senior management team as well as a strong operations team.